This past week I was buried in my to-do list.  I work at a university and the week leading up to school is busy!  Not to mention I’ve committed myself to several other activities that coincide with the beginning of school!  I’m a busy lady.  This month my friend and I decided to call “overcoming obstacles August”.   This month has thrown me several obstacles and I get through those obstacles by going for a run and doing something on my “me” list.  One of the things on my “me” list this month is to cook/bake something on Sunday.  Saturday evening I combed through Pinterest, cookbooks, and blogs to return to my favorite blog Iowa Girl Eats.  Iowa Girl Eats has never failed me!  Everything I have made from this blog is amazing!  Today I made Double Chocolate Zuchini Muffins.  I promise these will start your week off right!  You can’t go wrong with anything that has chocolate chips in it!

Chocolate is the answer.